सत्र- 2020-20 प्रथम बैच व 2019-20 प्रथम बैच (द्वितीय वर्ष ) के छात्र/छात्रा

Sr. No. En.No. Roll No. NAME FATHER NAME COURSE NAME ,PAPER DATE/TIMING 1 AHS008277 20AHS008277114 Tufani Ram Dhankoo Ram First Aid And Patient Care (Session 2020-20 1st Batch 1st year) COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH AND COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS (Ist PAPER) 09/02/2021 11.00 am-11.30… Read More

सत्र 2019-20 द्वितीय & तृतीय बैच ऑनलाइन (Self) परीक्षा छात्रों की सूची

SESSION-2019-20 (2ND BATCH AND 3RD BATCH) EXAM STUDENT LIST Sr. No. Roll No. En.No. NAME FATHER NAME COURSE NAME ,COURSE CODE Missed paper (छूटे हुए पेपर ) 1 19AHS00887204 AHS00887 Vikas Ramanand First Aid and Patient Care-1 Year (AHS008) 4… Read More